Dont rush, Get the right one first time

Getting the right appliance is the most important part of installing a stove, if the rooms too big for the stove it’s not going to heat up sufficiently and you will burn a lot more fuel trying to keep it warm, if the stoves too big for the room it will get too hot and uncomfortable to sit in.
The hardest part is getting the right kw output to find this out get the length, width and height of the room and do L X W X H ÷ 14 = Kw required

The Calculation
So if we had a room that is 5.4 m (L) 3.9 m (W) 3m (H) we would do,
5.4 x 3.9 x 3 = 63.18
63.18 ÷ 14 = 4.5Kw

So for that particular room size a 5kw stove would be perfect, you can put in whatever size stove you wish but with any stove over 5kw you need to have an air vent installed internal to external wall to allow for the extra airflow the appliance would need.
Use the calculator below to see which output you require

    Example :
Length (Metres) : 3
Width (Metres) : 4
Height (Metres) : 5
Stove Kw required :

Now you have the kw output sorted out you can start to think about what stove you would want, the main two things to remember are to only buy CE marked appliances (European Conformity) This marking ensures the products safety, health, and environmental protection) The CE mark is nothing to do with DEFRA and doesn’t mean its DEFRA Approved or Smoke Exempt. If you are unsure if your stove/appliance is DEFRA approved or Smoke Exempt please visit the DEFRA website and search for your make/model at DEFRA exempt appliances. If you are unsure if you are in a smokeless zone please contact your local council.

Multi Fuel, Wood or Gas? 
Most of our customers are now going towards Multi Fuel Stoves over wood burners, this is because

1. It gives you the option of more fuels
2. Wood burns quicker with less Heat
3. Coal burns hotter and for a lot longer
4. A multi fuel stove comes with an ash pan and griddle, Wood Burning Stoves come without them, this makes cleaning wood burners out a harder task compared to simply emptying an ash pan from a multi fuel stove
5. You can stock pile coal that would last a week in one bag, a week’s worth of just logs would take up considerably more room

Wood Burning Stoves
A wood burning stove is simply a stove for burning just wood, they come without an ash pan or griddle as wood burns better sat on a pile of embers
If you have plenty of room to store wood and don’t like the smell of a coal fire then they are ideal,

Multi Fuel Stoves
Multi Fuel Stoves can burn wood, coal, anthracite and pretty much any solid fuel (always check manufacturer’s instructions) with a multi fuel stove you don’t have to get up every couple of hours to put more fuel in as coal and smokeless fuel burns for a lot longer than wood and will still be hot in the morning if left burning over night

So, multi fuel stoves win over log burners but what about gas stoves/fires? 

Gas fires are now just as good as multi fuel stoves (up to 5kw) in terms of efficiency and heat output, the prices of wood, coal and gas are quite close with the price of coal being the cheapest , many wood yards and tree surgeons are happy to see the back of most of the logs and off-cuts as they have an abundance of it and have nowhere to store it, gas will always cost us and is more likely to rise than the price of wood or coal

Which Stove ?

a guide to buying the perfect stove

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